Healthy Inspiration: Pre-Breakfast

Just sharing two of the healthy habits I learned from 52 Healing Habits.

1. Drinking pure calamansi first thing in the morning  
The suggested number of calamansi is 25 pcs! (Uhm pwede po 5 pcs lang, effort maghiwa)
I only use 5-10 pcs of calamansi depending on size and besides I really find it difficult to drink

2. Eating fruits for breakfast
Actually it is  better if you eat nothing until noon but fruits - kaloka
I do that sometimes but for weekends or some mornings when I'm extremely hungry, I usually have fruits as my pre-breakfast then I would wait for 30mins to 1hour to eat my rice brekky.

We feel sleepy after eating sometimes because digestion use up a lot of energy,
Fruits are digested easily without too much effort and nourishes our body right away so we have energy for our next body activities.
Okayyyy I read that from another health book (na gusto ng itapon ni mike)

Here are some of the fruits I usually eat:
papaya, pears, grapes, pineapple, turnips, mangoosteen, mango

During the first week, I felt like I'm on a strict diet and these looked lonely and sad.
 I can then relate to a friend who tried a calorie diet meal delivery and stopped eventually because she felt like she was punishing herself.
But then I persevered (tiis-ganda lang 'teh) I remember I had a skin breakout that time (kasalanan yata ng mga Piattos at chocolate)

So after two long weeks of adding these on my daily eats, I noticed that:
1. I no longer feel fatigue in the afternoon 
2. I have extended energy that keeps me awake until late evening 
3. and what I like the most: it balances my hormones because of fruits alkaline effect in our body

So then, I will continue to add these on my daily eats. 
I am not actually very strict, there were mornings that I don't feel like eating fruits so I just had calamansi or there were also times that I wanted to eat fruits only, either one. 

My sample routine:

7AM - Drink Calamansi
8AM - Eat Fruit 
9AM or 10AM - Breakfast with rice


7AM - Drink Calamansi
8AM - Eat 1st serving of fruit 
10AM - Eat 2nd serving of fruit
11:30 - Lunch

Or (if medyo gutom ;p)

7AM - Drink Calamansi
730AM - Eat 1st serving of fruit 
8AM - Breakfast with rice ;p

For me, the key to any diet or healthy habits is not to be hard on your self, just listen to your body :)

And since I've been doing these for more than a month now, if there were no calamansi or fruits around I really make an effort to go out and buy (hinahanap-hanap ko na siya ;p )

Happy Sunday and have a healthy week ahead!

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