Muni Market at Capitol Commons

"MUNI Market Day v2.0 is a continuing effort to bring together a creative community, and create a culture of conscious consumption and mindful living – or being more socially and environmentally conscious of our lifestyle."

Some stalls: 


 unfortunately they don't have the products I wanted to buy from their website

Plantex, local, environment friendly products

Lotus Pod


Vegan foods

Gawad Kalinga

The Greenhouse Project

Take Root, I also spotted a stall in Salcedo Market

Pipino Vegetarian products 

SOOC Project Zero bags

Here are my Muni Market finds:

Pipino Taro Chips (Php100)
Pipino Kale + Malunggay Pesto (Php130)
Green Plantex Toothpaste (Php175)
Luntee Reusable Straw with cleaner (Php110)

I discovered a lot of new eco-friendly products.
Thanks to Muni for organizing this kind of event. v3.0 please?

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