Undas 2014

On our way home, I bought pasalubong from Tatystar Toasted Siopao in Pasig.
Hmm If I remember it correctly the price is 118 for 12 pcs.

Soft, warm bun with a generous savory fillings :)
There were still left in that afternoon so my lil bro toasted them again before eating.

I also enjoyed home cooked meals \(^_^)/

Grilled fish and Laing (my request) :)

Ginataan Bilo bilo :)
I had this for merienda, dinner, breakfast ;p

Mom's biko
the secret ingredient is calamansi rind ;)


We did not go out of the house, my mom just setup a table for their "atang", Ilocano tradition of offering food to the spirit

Hope you all had a great long weekend :) 

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