Earth Kitchen

The good thing about this restaurant aside from serving fresh organic dishes is that they aim to support our local farmers and indigenous communities.

There are some items for sale inside the store.

hanging plants, wooden tables and chairs.

The walls are decorated simply with kids' artworks that you can buy to help the previous calamity victims.

As we were kinda hungry that time, I thought of ordering foods that sounds heavy- beef bulgogi and chicken kebabs with red rice.
We shared a glass of organic calamansi juice which was overly sweet for my taste.

I did not read that the bulgogi is served in small soft tacos :/
One bite was very flavorful, a bit salty yet good. 

Boneless beef ribs, kimchi rice, salad greens, seaweed

The Chicken Kebab has an option to order with tacos or with red ifugao rice.
The organic chicken was tender and smokey and just went well with the sauce.
I thought this one will make us full but the servings of rice was so bitin, it was like only 5 spoon
of rice.

Organic chicken, Tzatiki, grilled vegetables

I asked again for the menu and ordered the fish mango appetizer and pomodoro pasta.
Hindi naman halatang gutom kami

The fish, mango dish was served first. It smells good like kikiam.
5 servings of battered fish in a sweet sour sauce.

Loro Fillet, Mango, cilantro, chili plum sauce

Then the Pomodoro pasta came. 
Organic tomato sauce, basil, parmesan, spaghettini

I would suggest that they just improve on the servings, customers will surely like to pay a reasonable price if the servings are enough.

I would still love to go back and get inspiration on how they prepare dishes with real and natural ingredients. 

Earth Kitchen 
White Plains, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City

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