My 29th Bday

M just turned 30 and we quietly celebrated it at home watching anime (detective conan), sipping Bignay wine, drinking coke, eating cassava chips and had pepperoni pizza delivered.

my 29th birthday on the other hand was an attempt to get back on a healthy track at Earth Kitchen.
Then I ended the night with a spinach, cucumber, pear and banana smoothie :)

Then weekend was spent with my family where we had a small and simple celebration.
Lunch time with grilled tilapia and bangus and veggies

Then merienda time: buko salad, pansit, biko, graham cake and cassava cake. 

A little bit of everything is good ;p

Body, Mind, Spirit

Last holiday, my aunt was watching tv about healthy advice, some of which I already knew.
 The show still caught my interest because the two doctors were talking about achieving a healthy life by fulfilling the three elements: body, soul and spirit. 

If these three are not in sync we will feel incomplete.
Taking care of our body is not enough in improving our health if we don't instill good, positive and wise thoughts in our mind; and neglect our spiritual bond with our Creator.

They explained this in their website, you may want to check it out here

Now that I turned another year, I will try to give focus on the 3 important elements to live a healthy and happy life. I will remember these three : Body, Mind, Spirit 
It's easy for me to remember mind instead of soul ;p

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