Movies and Eats: Potts Point Cafe, Mad Max

Potts Point Cafe

Sunday afternoon eats in Eastwood Mall :)

Pasta for me. Yummy roasted eggplant, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese with creamy organic tomato sauce linguine P310

For him, organic roasted chicken in Quinoa Red Rice salad P355

Both dishes have very strong, wonderful flavor and were very tasty that I wanted to recreate them at home (nagfi-feeling)  Both with roasted ingredients so they have a hint of smoke and that distinctive juicy, grilled taste :) 
The price as you know is very steep and the serving for that rice is few. 
But we have a metrodeal voucher yasss! and also I wanted to try different take on healthy dishes and some food inspiration too so that's ok. :))))

I love the interior, somewhat homey feel, love the rustic shelves with knick knacks :)

Afterwards, we strolled around, it's been a while since we visited this place. 
There are already new stores and restaurants that I wanted to try. 

For our latest movie trip, we watched Mad Max: Fury Road
This movie was so intensed, fast- paced and has a lot of breath-taking scenes. 
I recommended it to a friend, told him he should watch than Perfect Pitch and he too said it was breath-taking and awesome. And the best of all, wholesome ;p

Waiting for Arnold's Terminator for our next movie trip :)))) 

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