Kamay ni Hesus and Garden of Eden

Unplanned trip I would say, after mike "begged" me to come with him (he forgot his mom's bday) hehe, well, my dentist appointment finished late so it was only practical to went straight to his hometown instead of him driving me to San Pedro and drive back again to Luisiana.

And so after a long drive hours, 4hours? I felt restless on my seat and it feels like forever to reach his far, far away hometown! We need to pass by Caliraya lake because there's ongoing bridge renovation at Pagsanjan hence the additional 1 hour. We reached our destination at around 2PM.

Late in the afternoon, after a plate of spaghetti and a little coding on my laptop, we went to Kamay ni Hesus at Lucban with his family, around 20 mins or  less drive from Luisiana.

The Garden of Eden was open that time. Yey! The last time we went here it was closed. 

The good thing about this place = no entrance fee. It was a small area with Noah's ark replica and some life size animal status outside on the green grass. btw, guest are not allowed inside the ark

lookie! may polar bear! hehe!
There were also an array of stores and bazaars in the area where you can buy souvenirs/pasalubong 

Picture, picture while exploring the area. :) 

I do love going in this place, the fresh air and the environment looks serene.
After our 1hour stroll and checking out the stores, we went to the famous Buddys for our dinner, up next :)

Meanwhile, today I'm on sick leave because of tummy ache! I must have eaten a lot from the weekend eh?!  



  1. the husband had a trip at the same place without me so i'm nagging him that we should visit the place together, hehehe...

    gusto ko din yan polar bear na yan :)

    1. i love the place if only it's not that far hehehe

  2. my ate went there before ang gnda talaga :)

    1. yeah, maintained and its free for all pa :)



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