Ramen Nagi

Hello December! Cold weather calls for hearty warm soup :)
and just in case you are planning to shop and dine in podium, I'm sharing our Ramen Nagi experience ;p

Simple japanese interior

Our order amazingly came fast :)

M ordered the Butao King, pork broth ramen and just checked Chef's recommendation on the order checklist.
I tasted the soup and it was very comforting, something you would want if you're not feeling well.
The Chef's recommendation has level 1 spiciness and I think it was already very spicy :/ how much the higher levels?

Butao King@ Php390

Ever since I saw their huge menu poster in Podium before their opening, I already set up my mind to order the Green King hehehe. It has basil so it tastes like you're eating pesto pasta with a soup.

Green King Php410

We were so hungry that time so I ate  all the noodles but I was not able to sip all the soup.
They have no takeout policy for the ramen.
From the two, I think I like M's order hehehe. My green king has that "sawa/umay" factor kasi :/

Ramen Nagi
G/F Podium

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