August 2016: Life Lately

I was not able to update this space for a while. 

Got very busy and all I wanna do on weekend is to do nothing ;p

One weekend, we drove to Laguna for sis-in-law and grandma-in-law(is there such a term?hehe) birthdays.   

It was just a simple celebration over lunch in their new house.
For dessert, I've got to taste this Avocado ice cream for the first time and it is good. :)

After that we drove back to our house to celebrate my youngest bro 19th birthday 
We bought Mernel's cake for him :)

 I got a chance to eat a lot of sushi and maki for a colleagues birthday treat at yakimix :)

One weekend, we went to Salcedo Market.
I ordered Pinangat na Gabi in one of the stalls. 
I just realize I love anything with gata :)

We also bought this Pili Butter :)
I used to love butter on pandesal but since we are staying away from dairy products, this is a good alternative. 

At the last week of this month I got stomach flu and was not feeling well for almost a week.
Last month I have dry cough that lasted for weeks so my mom gave me Lagundi.
I guess my immune system got weak as I now wake up very early in the morning. :/

eto pala ang itsura ng lagundi :)

Ber months ahead :)

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