Furry Love: Cesar Millan's Book

M and I are a fan of Cesar Millan and we love watching his Dog Whisperer show.
Some of our weekends were spent watching it on netflix for hours. 

His books are easy to read and straight to the point.  The "How to Raise the Perfect Dog" book is perfect for those who have no experience in raising a puppy or like me who wants to learn more in order to understand our furry friend. I already know some of the topics so I just glossed over them. It discusses not only how to train the puppy for good behavior but also other essentials like vaccines needed, list of harmful plants for dogs, suggested daily schedule, his views and opinions like on spay/neuter issues.  He raised 4 different breed of puppies just for this book so he narrated his experiences from them. What I like in this book is that they enumerated the list of  our "unwanted" puppy behaviors, why they do them and ways to addressed them. As I finished this book, I felt like I became a part of his journey while raising his 4 pups.

puppy snowbell

In case of Snowbell, what we are trying to address is her issue of jumping to us as a greeting whenever we went out, even if it is just throwing out the trash.  Accdg to Cesar, this issue can be resolved by ignoring them when you enter the house. It is heart warming and cute because she is still small but when she's big already that will be difficult.

In the second book, "Cesar's Rules: Your way to train a well behaved dog", is more of like his Dog whisperer show, where he discussed the idea behind his show's tagline (I rehabilitate dogs, I train people) and his advice of (Exercise, Discipline, Affection) and why in that order. He also discussed training methods/techniques of other professional dog trainers and narrated some of his dog rehabilitation cases. This book also discuss how to walk the dog properly - which I'm still trying to improve because Snowbell sometimes pull and bite her leash. We really like to let her out off-leash but we need to follow our place admin rules :/

So these are the books that keep me sane from the daily waiting time, commute and traffic :)


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