Comic Con 2009

Creativoice Panel

We were able to meet:

Director Danny Mandia - dubber director of a lot of animes since our childhood - "his direction and supervision includes some of the most beloved animated films in Filipino including, Inuyasha, Zenki, Dog of Flanders, B’Tx, Rorouni Kenshin, Starship Operators, Capricorn, Saber Marionette, and hundreds of others.. "
asian novelas - for Meteor Garden and the latest Boys Over Flower.

and hear the voice talent of:
1. AJ- Dubber of JunPyo from BOF. (*crowd screams as he deliver a sample*)
2.Clarice (dunno the correct spelling) - could you believe the dubber of Ash in Pokemon is a girl? She was also the dubber of Tenma in School Rumble and also in Reborn. I was so amazed hearing her voicing ash!
3. Pocholo Gonzales - voicemaster, I forgot all the characters he voice sample, I remembered he voiced Kuru chan and also puppets in Bibbo hotdog commercial.
4. Sean - dubber in digimon

Huhu! I lost my video coverage of their samples (accidentally deleted, I think...) WAH!!!!!

and my photos were very far :(

I learned a lot from the experience they share in dubbing industry.
Dubbing is not that easy as I thought. They are doing about 5-6 episodes a day...
There are differences in dubbing anime and real people (asian novelas).
abs-cbn anime dubbers are really good. (^_^) somewhat close to the japanese version.
More info on creativoices.net

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