My 27th birthday

 Feels like and looks like  I'm not 27 ;p

Last Sunday, we had a simple celebration at home for mike  (jan 4) and advanced for me (jan8)
pancit lucban with lots of vinegar  (simply the best nomnomnom)

Mike has been spoiling me lately,  bought me ube cake, got a copy of House of silk,  treated me a Yellow cab Dear darla pizza , how sweet?

his new hairstyle ;p
At work,  they "surprised" me with this creative cake ;p 
  Brazo mercedes topped with mini cupcakes that says happy birthday, it was funny that they thought I'm not inside the room so I heard all their  preparation ;)

My bday dinner with mike, at Explorers Lounge Podium after work which I'll be writing about next,
and we stayed a bit at Starbucks ortigas home depot afterwards.

I am touched by all the greetings and lovely birthday wishes , a massive thanks to y'all.

long PS:
I was asked by my boss "So, are you wiser?" (which I first heard as "are you huaweiser?" because we're talking about Huawei device before that (lolz!!!) so I stared at him blankly, repeating the question in my head and finally asked "uhm what do you mean?"), "Wiser, now that you're 27, did you become wiser?"   and because I don't have prepared answer and just want to end the conversation before my nose bleed I just said "uhm ah...i don't feel I'm 27" (ano daw?haha)   

Anyway, it is a good question to ask ourselves as we get a year older each year. Of course, I would love to say Yes I'm wiser generally,  but I'll pond over this thought starting now so I can tell  what areas specifically. hehe wuttt im sayin ba? O_o

Hope we all have a great weekend ahead! Happy Saturday!



  1. yay your boss struck you by surprise, i couldnt answer that also haha.pang miss universe ang peg.and you dont really look like 27 :)
    Happy Birthday! he is so sweet!

  2. Belated happy birthday! We all feel younger than we really are :-) We just hope we're also wiser even without the white hairs (despite looking young that is)

  3. happy belated birthday to both of you! :)

    ps. i love that brazo topped with choco cupcakes, yum!

  4. thanks for the greetings gurls!



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