2011 New Year's Resolution

I don't remember my last new year resolution... highschool?? haha. Well this is a tough decision. I have to think over and over whether I should publish it here... but since I really want to achieve it I have to let everyone know so to have me accountable with my words.

1. Vegetarian

Finally! I'm decided!
I have been a pescetarian (eating meat occasionally) last year. As for me, being a vegetarian doesn't mean that I will starve myself if there is no vegetarian friendly food on the table or throwing food because it is not vegan. If it's beyond my control then I can do nothing about it. I have to really made smart choices then. Planning what to eat is essential. I should bring food with me always haha!

I think it is not very difficult at all because there are stores where I can buy some Tofu or Veggie meat. (Dr. Tam's Vegan Haus)

Our 13 fruits this new year!
2. Going Green

Last year, I started seggregating, doing 3R's and using paper or resusable bags.
And now, I will say NO to styro too! I rather bring my own food container. Haha! I think it is OK to ask   fastfood for that.  Goodluck to me. 

Jollibee Olivarez LB, used reusable plastic containers instead of styro

3. Biological clock

For some reason, I always wake up after 5 hours of sleep every night. From now on will sleep and wake up at the same time everyday accdg to my biological clock.. Say goodbye to dark under eye circle.

4. Attitude
Will be more understanding, positive and will control my temper Hehe! Be a better person this year. I will not be masungit!

5. Plan, Plan, Plan 
If I fail to plan, I plan to fail.

Welcome 2011! good luck to my resolution!  \m/

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