New Year 2014

I woke up early on the 31st, prepared potato salad (again) and kamote salad. ;)
I over boiled the kamote, it became a bit mushy :/ 

It is the first time I contributed something, I still remember my bro's face while eating them.
"Ano ba ito??.... kamote?!!! O_O"   

The kids used that torotot na di na hinihipan, meron na palang ganun.
There were only few fireworks being let off in our area and we did not buy one which is a good thing bec our dogs were not very scared as compared last year.

I've tried this local Bugnay Wine, tolerable taste and kinda sweet.

My mom also prepared buko salad, suman and pansit. My uncles cooked the lechon and dinuguan. 
Our table spread is not complete if there's no tray of fruits. :)

I hope you all had fun celebrating the eve of 2014 :)


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