Movie: Transformers 3

Perfect Time: First screening of the day at 1PM on its opening day last wednesday = Few people, no one sat besides us so no "noisy eating" seatmate. ;) I hate those who eat their food noisily and drink with that loud slurrrrping sound ><

So what can I say about this movie?

At the very start, i'm not expecting a lot from this, aside from the fact that Megan Fox was replaced, plot is always confusing ever since the first movie. I don't care about the story as a whole 'coz the effects were great, it just these two things irritated me:
1. over focused scene on that falling building while the main cast were inside (long scene yet not very thrilling, duh)
2. carly still look clean after all that rolling, crawling, etc etc  O_o

'butt vs bunny scene conversation'
Jewel: If I'm a guy, that butt scene is not even 'eye-popping'
Mike: Yeah, it will be eye-popping for me if they reattached the bunny in the end

@Greenbelt 3 cinema, 06/29 1:15-4PM (way too long!), Thanks for my honey for the snack treat at NYFD, fries pesto dip was so good! 

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