Orchard Road: Hainanese Chicken and Laksa

Mike and I  agreed to meet up and have our dinner at Orchard Road Megamall.
I thought it's located on 3F but I went until 5F and I can't still find it :/  I was so tired looking for it when Mike texted me it's on 2F @_@

Me: "Nakarating ako sa 5th floor!"
Mike:"Ang OA mo naman, hanggang 4F lang naman ako!" 

Yummy Photos :)

Hainanese Chicken w/ Rice Php195

Laksa Noodles Php185 So my first time to try Laksa (hmmm taste like spicy sopas w/ curry)

Milk Tea Php75

Thanks for the treat!  (^_^) 

1 comment:

  1. Laksa soup looks healthy to eat. Perfect for a rainy day snack. Great photos!



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