Healthy Lunch Ideas

Just want to share some of lunch I usually brought to work =)

 My friends know me well as extremely health conscious. Oh if they only knew what junk I ate during weekends aha! and oh I eat chocolate "almost" everyday (glared to bf)    Well I believe you should give in to your cravings hehehe. 

Hope these can give healthy inspiration despite the boring look. ;) 

Basically any veggie combinations will do =D

Except from the adobong kangkong, others(beans, potato, carrots, sayote, squash) were just plainly boiled, no seasonings. For taste, i sometimes add ginger ;) If I eat rice, it will be just 2 -3 spoons. 

Also,i love my tub container, it is very easy to hold while your other hand is holding spoon, or on the the mouse or keyboard hehe

I'll post some of my healthy snack ideas soon =D


  1. try chopsuey or sayote sauteed in oyster sauce! ;)

  2. definitely not a healthy eater here but these are good suggestions :D

  3. Thanks for the healthy lunch ideas. I must try these at home.



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