Midnight Snack

Our sleeping time is totally altered, usually wakeup at 9-10AM then sleep at 2-3AM O_o 
But during weekends or off work days, i dont know maybe we get too excited that we wake up an hour earlier and still sleep at very late hours. 

 Midnight snack last Friday

AND My Epic Fail Oatmeal Cookies!

So I was trying to make cookie for midnight snack even though the ingredients were incomplete.
Originally planned to spoon them out in normal circle shape but i can't just make it perfect and hey it is easier to make it heart-shaped :)

Smells good.... but when we popped it into our mouth.... can't help but burst to laughter as it is really taste inedible! ROFL! I can still remember mike turned to red when we were laughing ^_^

Texture is soft and cookiesh but it actually taste extremely salty and bitter  for i dont know reason, maybe because its a bit burnt?

And so there's always a next time hehe


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog post, a few days ago we had a snack at Shakeys.

  2. Thanks for the visit Paul!



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