Human Nature Shampoo with CreamFoam Technology

It took me ages to post another HumanNature product review :/
I just wanted to try both variant of their natural shampoo w/ Creamfoam technology before sharing their goodness.

Here's for a scare =P
Me and my long hair (+ mike's phone)

Meanwhile, here's my simple look for my date with mike last week  (photo below not above =p)

I already emptied the moisturizing shampoo and currently using their strengthening shampoo.
The strengthening shampoo has strong scent as compared to the other (which I like because it stays on)

Consistency is not that thick as compared to other brands. I prefer their dispenser type container before for the shampoo and bodywash. Plus, the clear container is somewhat helpful as just one look on it you'll know if you're half way thru the bottle.

First of, I don't have that perfect 3D, shiny, straight tv commercial hair. I stopped going to salon and shy away from chemical treatment for like, 4 years now. I wear it in ponytail every now and then so there's a visible 'body'. I love that the HumanNature shampoo makes it soft, manageable and not frizzy. It looks straight naturally and shiny.

I super recommend these gentle and mild shampoos especially after you have your hair styled or treated from the salon. (it will not make your hair buhaghag =D)

100% toxin-free!!!

Affordably priced at: 
50ml = Php44.75
200ml =Php134.75
500ml =Php289.75


  1. Cool! I used to use those too (yung moisturizing). It's not as bubbly as other drugstore shampoos (I notice that with a lot of organic products, perhaps coz they don't use chemicals na nakakapagpabula?) pero it cleans just as well so it's ok.

    I might switch back to this since my hair has waay too much buildup from all the styling products and treatments I use.

  2. yeah, not very very bubbly, bec no SLES =D try the strengthening one, love the scent :) actually i don't want to cut my hair na XD



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