Glympse: Share your Where

I have a label 'Tech' in this blog but haven't post something related on that  :/
Actually, I have  another secret nerdy geeky blog related to work , with all woes of a developer too, pm me if you want to see it ;p

Back in here, just thought of sharing this app called Glympse.
To start with, I'm drooling on mike's htc windows phone ftw!

It has a different look and feel as compared to android and ios.

We've installed this mobile app to our phones called Glympse weeks ago and it works like this:

Mike will send me a Glympse link and  I can receive it via email or view it in my  mobile phone 

then I can check/view his current location in PC :

The arrow is moving (you'll feel like a spy watching the 'target' move =p).

In android when I viewed the glympse the next day (in satellite view):

 It's quite accurate when driving. He can set the time expiration for his glympse link. This is quite useful when I'm waiting for him to pick me up. ^_^

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