Chic-Boy: Chicken Liempo and Pork Sinigang

there's a new Robinson Supermarket near us (not new actually, a couple of months ago, just our first time) with ChicBoy, Mang Inasal and Mr. Ube- will try here soon! 

Our dinner after we bought something at Robinsons,  

Yummy photos :)

So we literally try Chicken and Baboy :) actually I just ordered sinigang for the veggies :)
mike said ChicBoy tastes good than Mang Inasal
I forgot the price, the chicken cost Php90+ and Sinigang for P50+ 

For complete prices check out their site: http://www.chic-boy.com.ph   :)


  1. There is this chick-boy near our place of work. I haven't tried this. thanks for the information about the price. hehehe. It can be competitive with other fastfoods.

  2. I really love following all of your posts. This one looks great! I really hope there is something like Chicken Liempo and Pork Sinigang here in us.



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