Movie Review: Avengers

As much as possible, we really like watching movie in Eastwood Cinema  and Podium too (my fave!)  but based on experience in Eastwood, for a superhero/kid friendly movie there'll be a chance to be seated with a babbling, all-knowing, noisy kid :/

Podium on the other hand would be jam-packed for sure (2 cinemas only) that I wouldn't risk sitting beside someone who loudly slurps their drink -_-

Next choice - Robinsons Galleria. I don't remember someone sat beside us everytime we watch movie in here :)  They have 10 cinemas and I don't have anything bad to say on the quality :) 

And so we brave watching Avengers on its opening day after work.

mike would be coming from makati so I went ahead and bought our tickets that took me one hour in line! I stood there for an hour (but I'm not complaining :) it just the feeling of imagining someone would announced that tickets were sold out already (noooo!))  

I was surprised that our tickets are handwritten LOLz. I got the 8:40 time. It was 7:30 already, mike was still stuck in traffic and I thought of checking out Cinema 9. 

As expected there's already a line for 8:40!!! So I thought of staying there instead of going somewhere and forever loose my hopes of getting the front seats. mike arrived past 8 while I was busy amusing myself by reading ebooks.

So finally after a long wait, movietime! We seated in front and no one sat beside us weeeee!

And all I can say is that we enjoyed the movie, mixed emotions here and there, and amazed again by Loki and Thor.  I do really wish they put a mask on J.Renner! what an awful acting! 


Still Avengers is epic!!! What a night :)


  1. Jeremy Renner is one of my FAVORITE actors.....

    1. sorrrryyy! last time I saw him at Ghost Protocol, his acting was good really, it's just this time I can't understand why (?) even my bf is now thinking twice to watch the upcoming Bourne that he's really excited to see before watching Avengers -_-

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