September in Photos

Hello October!
where did September go? 
So far, September has been a busy one at work and it will continue until October! aja!
Somehow, I was able to squeezed in some relaxation, what else could that be? watching movies and a  bit of food trips of course ^_^

1. on the first week of September I was able to meetup my bff len,  my classmate since elementary long time no see!
2. BubbleTea Honeydew Milktea lasang gamot
3. Sonja's Cupcake in our ref

4. Chocolates from mike
6. Toblerone and rice inuulam ko chocolate! ;p

foods from officemates:
5. my first time to try M&M's Dark Chocolate sorop!
7. SugarBowl Petite Brownies soooo goood! i googled and it is available only and S&R?
8. RPM PiliNut Garlic from Naga City, hong sorop!
9. grown up Bok

We also made a quick trip to E.Rod Sr. for some errands and dine at Panciteria Lido. mike was very happy with his breakfast meal.

On our way back, we passed by Connie's Kitchen and bought Joji's delight coco sugar and Connie's Kitchen Eggplant and Olive Sauce  (aylabit!) ^_^

I opened an instagram account but I was a bit lazy to use it XD
I've also lots of backlogs coming up too.  I'm just swamped plus our Globe tattoo is becoming not reliable lately.
I also received Liebster blog award from hanny and miss aileen a. I really appreciate it dear sissies. I hope to post a response really, really soon ^_^




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