Movie Review: Looper

With 90+% rating from Rotten,we have high expectations for this movie. 
Not that bad really but not an epic one.
This is a futuristic setting movie with time travel concept.
*Somewhat Spoiler* I also remember Naruto vs Pain episodes "Circle of Hatred" concept.

Well, we don't really like the unnecessary drama focus and intimate scenes, (this is R-16 btw) how could they add love scenes like that without so much art, eh? so common, If they made it to a fast paced movie with really great music maybe I'll like it.

But overall, still Ok, as a fan of Bruce Willis, it's good to see him again ^_^
When I first heard about this movie I thought it is not convincing for Gordon-Levitt to play the young Willis (aside from the fact that he looks patpatin!). Well, thanks to movie touch ups.


Watched @ Podium, (^_^) and oh, saw the Hansel & Gretel trailer, looks great BUT ehem ehem ;p

'til next movie trip


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