Easter Weekend and a new Recipe

Back home in Laguna means "home cooked meals!". 
Because I went home only on weekend, I was able to taste only a spoonfuls of Ginataang Bilo2x ;( 

 For both Saturday and Sunday, we had grilled fish and veggies. 

Red Rice

Beating the summer heat with halo halo while watching movies.

Pinoy breakfast :)

 I had a sleepover on thurs and fri with a colleague and they served me a yummy Potato and Beets Salad.

Back home, I made my own version with boiled camote :) 

Boiled Sweet Potato (Camote) Salad

Ingredients:  Boiled Kamote, Raw Carrots, Pineapple, Mayo, salt season accdg to your taste
Chop and mix everything. Refrigerate before serving :)

It is so tempting to buy ice cream with our extremely hot weather but i guess I will just chill myself eating sweet potato salad again 




  1. drooling over that Pinoy breakfast, yum!



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