Healthy Inspiration: Eating Out

And so I thought of having a topic here in my blog where I'll share some healthy inspiration, from my own  personal taste or habit , experiments or discoveries.
I'm trying to be fit and healthy again as much as possible as I know I'm not getting enough sleep lately and I'm living an extremely sedentary life. T_T

I'm no longer extremely strict in my diet. I have changed my views over times and 
learn to become flexible (flexitarian). I have now condiments in the kitchen, seriously, years ago, I don't put anything in my food except sea salt. ;p
But I think I'll share mostly veggies as I still don't really buy and cook red meat.

Let's talk first what options out there when dining out :)

Whenever I don't know what or where to eat at malls, I always end up going to Chowking. ;p
My usual order(s)  is/are their pancit or kangkong and rice/chowfan, or tofu with rice, or a combination.

The cafeteria has a vegetarian section so it is very easy to have some veggies for lunch.

But most of the time, I prefer bringing my own, it's cheaper and less hassle for me.

At ChicBoy, their Garlic Kangkong is not that uber yummy, masarap pa luto ko, but it's fine.

Corn cob from King Corn

Soy Yummy taho, i like mine with no syrup

and of course binatog with no salt

I don't have a photo but i also do frequent Sbarro, my fave is their Pasta in Tomato Sauce with garlic bread. Another one is Sandwich Guy, where I usually buy Veggie Sandwich. ;)

As for beverage choice, I don't order softdrinks or powdered juices, I just ask for water. 
Well,  as for milk teas, we still buy sometimes as a treat ;p

That's all for now, I hope to come back with a post like this on a weekly basis, perhaps sharing some healthy daily eats.

Happy Friday!



  1. I do wish I can do your diet! Please help me how!

    I stick to my low carbs-high protein diet. So far, so good. But I want to lose weight pa. Haay. :)

    1. i'll share a lot of my healthy eats from now on and I'll try to incorporate high protein meals too, try adding lots of fruits too in your diet :) Green salads and fruits always do the trick ;p

  2. so i'm a flexitarian too, hehehe
    like you i stay away from the red meat.

    1. yeah, several reasons actually, one of that is when old or aged relative/acquaintance serve me their specialty 'meat' dishes, and bec i dont want to hurt their feelings, I just try to appreciate whatever dishes they serve me ><



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