Oblivion, Kanzhu

after jcuppacakes, movie time!

Oblivion setting is post war, inhabitable future earth where Tom Cruise as Jack maintain the area with his mission partner Viktoria. Memory erased prior to mission,  the story then unfolds what is it that haunts him from his past and what he is unaware of.

The story has the same effect on me when I watched Evangelion, Voices of a Distant Star or any space, futuristic anime related film. That sad, lonely feeling as you are separated from your love one with space and time, in addition to uncertain future...something like that.

The actress who played Victoria did a very good job in capturing her character emotions that I became her instant fan ;p I googled and found in IMDB, she won best actress awards in the past, oh thats why.
While she cries easily, the one who played Julia took some time to cry I find her boring despite her expressive face.

Overall, it was a brilliant story and was also nice seeing this movie in big screen because of the special effects/ amazing CGI, although I have to roll my eyes for the love story, yep love story/ scifi action, anyway that's needed naman ;p 

And of course, it's a Tom Cruise film, seriously, he seems to be forever good looking  and young.  :)

Kanzhu Hand-Pulled Noodles

Afterwards, we had our early dinner at Kanzhu Hand Pulled noodles in SM Hypermarket.
They served huge servings of noodles so we just shared one bowl and ordered siopao.
I just ate the siopao bun, mike said the filling is just ok. As for the noodles, we were both impressed, whatever herb/spices they use, it taste simple and natural. :)

free sweet peanuts

PS: I forgot to write about GI:Joe we saw weeks ago, breath taking action it was. :)  We intended to see Olympus too last weekend, if ever it'll be morgan freeman overload  lolz, but we're informed it wasn't that nice. hmmmm...
Anyway, I'm excited and hoping to see Ironman 3 next week... lots of good movies this summer!



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