Healthy Inspiration: Favorites

These are some of my eats for the past weeks .

My favorite breakfast - ampalaya with boiled egg, I like to add many tomatoes, sometimes it almost look like tomatoes with ampalaya  ;p

So after 3 consecutive mornings of eating ampalaya,
 I prepared this boiled Beans, boiled eggs and tomatoes = my new favorite.
 It is very filling even without rice.

I also love simple eggplant stir fried in soysauce with a lettuce or cucumber and sesame oil  on the side for weekend breakfast.

Cucumber with sugar cane vinegar, sesame oil and sesame seeds

 Another favorite, diced potato and onion stir fried in olive oil. Uhm it doesn't look good in my photo bec I want my version with lots of pepper and somewhat soggy. I tried it when I saw it on pinoycook.net, (i can't find the original post), it tasted normal on my first attempt, nothing extraordinary but as the days passed by, i'm kinda missing the comfort it brings ;p 

I stayed at home alone sometime last week and I just cooked Adobong Kangkong for lunch and I have still some left for dinner. I love that It is very easy to prepare, I think I had this twice in a week. I used Kikkoman soysauce and sugar cane vinegar.

One of my lunch, simple lettuce and carrots Salad, with my homemade dressing of sesame oil, honey and vinegar.

We have imported goodies that were kindly given to us and so we have some sweet treats in the form of chocolates and nutella.

one of my midnight snack, dark chocolates and banana. I love dark chocolates :)

I usually prepare banana and peanut butter (Joji's Delight) for snack but because of the very inviting nutella bottle, say hello to a not so healthy Bana-Nutella

We are using our Shake n Take a lot lately and I just noticed that our fruit intake is always in the form of juice/smoothies. Mangoes are our current favorite :)

Sometimes, I also add lettuce

The weather is more than a good reason to enjoy a refreshing cold fruit smoothies and wake up early to exercise.

Ahem, for many many years, I started jogging again. The last time I had a serious run was way way back college!

I feel sluggish, sitting all day in front of my laptop, taking a break only to eat or sleep. We then decided to go out and take a brisk walk or run in the morning, not everyday though, I think mike and I only jogged outside 3x since the beginning of this month. But I think it's a good start. 



  1. i love your banana-peanut butter & banana-nutella sandwiches.

    btw, sandwich guy has it with Speculoos Cookie Butter on it. :)

  2. I've tried that Cookie Butter, it is sinfully good :)



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