Pet Zoom Loungee

mike took the remaining two puppies for their house in Laguna. At least, I'll have a peace of mind that they'll be in good hands. They've endured 3 long hours on road! Because of winding road, the white puppy vomited, other than that they are well-behaved passengers. Thanks to Petzoom Loungee that we bought from Shyshop, cost us Php215 only. :)

"PetZoom Loungee Auto Pet Seat Cover. Cover is the perfect solution that protects your vehicles seats from dirt, hair, dander and water. Keeps your car seats clean no matter what your pet gets into. Made of Waterproof Heavy Gauge material. Fits any size vehicle, Easy to Install, Machine Washable and easy to store."

Behave Passengers :)

I will miss these! -_-


  1. i'm always having that separation anxieties with our fur babies more so when we let go of all B's pups for adoption.



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