Recent Eats: My Singapore Food Street, Kanzhu

Our order: BokChoy in Garlic and Oyster Sauce (P145),  Hainanese Chicken with rice and soup (P195), Satay Chicken ( 2 sticks P70) , extra rice (P25) total of P435 but we have a discount voucher from Ensogo P199 instead of P400 (yehey!)

My only comment is that they should serve a lot of ginger for the Hainanese Chicken.

My Singapore is located at 2F Megamall bridgeway, former location of Orchard Road. Reading again my old post of Orchard Road, we ordered Hainanese Chicken too at that time ;p 


Well I've blogged about more than one of our eats in Kanzhu everytime we do our grocery in Hypermarket Tiendesitas. 

They have ongoing promo wherein you can get a sidedish for half a price with any order of noodle soup. 

We chose their century egg together with the other variant of beef noodle soup, I think I like the other variant of this, I forgot what it is called. 

We'll keep coming back to this place, we just can't get enough of their flavorful noodle soup :)

PS: Start of  -BER months! and Off to watch Elysium later :)))


  1. parang ang sarap nung cenury egg hehe ^_^

  2. we've tried kanzhu yesterday, service is a bit slow :(



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