Sofitel Spiral Buffet

I attended a retreat last Friday and we had our lunch at Spiral.
I finally got to try this buffet! surprisingly, I didn't overeat :)

My first plate, some veggies and from japanese section

 2nd Plate, veggie dumplings, broccoli, japchae, kimchi and kimchi pancake

3rd plate, Miso soup, nuts, olives, dates and some from indian cuisine


lastly my dessert! (hindi pa gitna ang kuha) lolz!

Dark chocolate with nuts, truffles and fruits on stick

my seatmate's pretty dessert, green tea sugar free crepe

Some pics:
There's a pistachio fondue!

These candies in drawers are so cute

Later in the afternoon, we had cocktails in the sunset pavillion.

It was very windy that afternoon! Overall, great food with equally great company, we all had a good time :)


  1. i'm so envy, i haven't tried yet the new spiral.

  2. lucky that I've tried it for free hehe



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