Simple Foods

Some of our recent eats (aside from my favorite Adobong Broccoli and favorites ), I also love preparing these foods.
I call them simple foods ;p  they only have 3 or less ingredients and nothing too elaborate.

Tortang talong, cucumber 

love love love tortang talong ;p

 Boiled Kangkong and Egg, Rice with Turmeric powder

Cucumber, Spinach, Olives, tomatoes, sprinkled with sesame seeds

Enchanted Farm Golden Eggs  (organic salted duck egg)

Boiled beans and carrots for lunch

A warm bowl of oats, sprinkled with flax seeds and a bit of coco sugar 


Grocery time at hypermarket :) we had our late dinner at Kanzhu. I already blogged our first time here
where they served us free sweet peanuts, no more of that now but it's ok

We shared this Beef Noodles Php160 for that 2 bowls 

Simple noodle soup but  makes you feel warm and comforting. 
Soups are definitely a must for cold weather :)

We also tasted their Hakaw Php125.  toyomansi and crunchy shrimps! mmmm

It's raining non stop. Stay Safe everyone!

PS:  As I want to learn more about taking care of my health (as in serious ;p), last night I finally subscribed to 52HealingHabits by Bo Sanchez. Surprisingly he's a semi vegetarian. I'm inviting everyone, please do check this out too :)

52 Healing Habits Program of Bro Bo Sanchez

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