Mom and Tina's Bakery Cafe, Bazaar

We had a quick breakfast at Mom and Tina's bakery cafe along C5 yesterday before going south at St. James Bazaar.  I ordered an apple pie P130 and M had US Beef Tapa P250, it looked like a bacon. Is that why it's called US tapa?

I requested the pie to be reheated but I think I like it cold ;p It gets a bit sour halfway 

Christmas Goodies starts at P100

I don't have a photo at the bazaar yesterday. I was overwhelmed by lots of stores, it was extremely hot at noon. By the time we got there, we were parked far from the bazaar. So I suggest if you are going there next year, be early as it is open by 9AM.  If you know a store that will participate, know their booth/stall location. I did a research the day before but I forgot the exact location of Props Tool and Makeup, they were at Gym Row 7 and I'm looking for them in ParkingLot Row 7 :/ Anyway I was able to buy what I need :)

Our Christmas tree was up since October!
Just few more days aaand it's the time of the year once again. Are you feeling festive yet? ;p


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