In Between

I am spending my holidays dec24-jan1 (9 days straight) at my parent's house this time as compared to previous years where I usually goes back to manila in between Christmas and New Year.

Last friday, I prepared potato salad :)

 I am conscious on what I eat but also allow myself to indulge on some biscuits, brownies and other sweet treats :)

I'm also doing a cleansing/detox for the past few days, I'll be sharing about it soon.

My bro and his family came from Baguio so we have some fresh produce yey!
So I cooked Adobong Broccoli, steamed cauli and snacked on strawberries

My younger cousins (all boys) are helping in household chores so I don't do too much house errands except from feeding our pets, cleaning their mess and keeping an eye on what our 3 puppies are chewing. (seriously, it is very tiring)

I have no plan to go out malling, I don't like to brave the traffic :/ would rather watch movies that I miss on big screen. So far we've only watched The Internship and Olympus Has Fallen :)

And early this morning, Wang gave birth to 4 pups! (Last year  we also have 4 puppies!)

It's a first time to have a black pup!  Expect to see some cuteness photo ;p

Hope y'all having a fab holiday :)


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