Weekend: Family Mart, Highlands, Mr. Parks

Finally visited FamilyMart in Ortigas. This one is in Emerald st, I also saw one along San Miguel ave.

Very few meal choices at that time. We tried this flavorful Oyakodon (P125) and Onigiris (P39 each)

There is also a nearby Highlands coffee where we tried mint iced coffee. We love everything with mint☺

Beside Highlands is Mr. Park's bread shop. Below is a chocolate scone which is a dry and crumbly type of bread and the other one has sweet beans filling. I love their Garlic Stick, (sweet toasted and garlicky). Will go back again for that ☺ 

Have a great week ahead!



  1. there's a new patisserie in town -eric kayser! their bread and pastries are the best so far. the flagship store is now open in rockwell and will soon open in gh and bgc. you should try their eclairs! and healthy breads :)



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