Healthy Inspiration: Dr. Tam's Miracle Tea

Finally I found a time to do colon cleansing =D

I already blogged about Dr. Tam before here when I tried the Live Green.

Dr. Tam's Miracle Tea (Regular price is Php1500.00, they have a Buy1Take1 a week before Christmas)

-Thick consistency and taste a bit bitter but tolerable, just drink before bedtime or one hour after dinner
Within 5-8 hours, you'll feel the "urge" - (works for me) 

At first I tried about 1/4 of a cup as opposed to 1/2 cup recommended, the next day, I felt  it as soon as I woke up. 

Second day, I tried 1/2 cup... good thing it was Sunday because I felt it throughout the day! (as in I'm so tired na at nawala na ang tiyan ko ;p )

I did not drink it everyday, I skipped about 1-2 days before drinking again, I also shared it with my aunt and she also experienced how effective it was ;p

Highly Recommended! :)

Tip: If you don't need this urgently, wait for the sale. Based on previous years, they usually have a sale during the Holy Week. ;p


  1. i used to drink that miracle tea also but i stopped after overdosing myself and had a terrible LBM. i double the dose kase thinking that i would slim faster, hahaha!

  2. btw, try livegreen also :)

  3. Hi, nkalagay s bottle to KEEP FROZEN..
    Is it possible to bring it abroad? Or KEEPFROZEN upon opening siguro right?

    1. Frozen kasi siya when you buy it, better to put some dry ice or place in bag that will keep it cool when travelling :)

  4. Hi! I'd like to ask where I can buy the miracle tea- which stores sell this? Thanks for the help!

    1. Dr Tam in Tiendiesitas or in C. Raymundo Pasig



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