Izumi Curry at Podium

I heard this from a colleague and she had good reviews for this resto. It's a bit pricey but the servings are huge, she said I might not be able to finish one plate. 
When I chanced it at Ensogo, we bought 2 discount vouchers  yey \(^_^)/ 

I got the Chicken Katsu Curry

...and  Mega Beef Steak for M


My Chicken katsu Curry (P290) was crispy and juicy at the same time and was perfect when combined with the thick and a little bit spicy curry. *drools* 

I also got to taste  M's order but I like my chicken katsu than his beef steak (P320). The beef patty with a cheese sauce was very thick that M's having a hard time finishing it. (may umay factor)

Their rice serving was also generous and packed, and because the curry had a kick of spice I can't help myself to eat more rice lolz, I thought I will not be able to eat until lunch the next day. ;p

They have other food offerings other than curries. We still have one voucher and we might order again a curry dish :)

Izumi Curry
5th Level, Podium

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  1. i wish i can drag my husband and eat curry and chicken, he's a picky eater and would always find comfort with chinese fare. masyadong limited tuloy ang choices namin hehehe



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