Pazzo Rollio

Happy Sunday! 
This month is about to end and I only have few blog posts eh? My poor 5 year old laptop is about to retire, replacing the adapter took a while and Snowbell gnawed the new one T_T good thing my father was able to fix it. I hope to catch up on my fave blogs and I wish I can post this before this laptop shut down on its own again...

Saturday, we tried this new resto in SM Hypermarket Pasig called Pazzo Rollio. It is located at the former Bookstore near the new Red Ribbon.

We ordered Pesto Pasta (P195) and their Pizza (P200) (No serive charge)
Their pasta was flavorful and has a strong pesto sauce, which I prefer. It's a good thing that it was accompanied by just a plain toasted bread because it was a bit salty.

We both love the pizza, the crust is paper thin so it was bitin for the two of us lolz! Maybe we should order the family size next time or one pizza each ;p

The Queen's Simplicity (Anchovies, Tomato, Olives, Basil, Herbs, Red Sauce)

They also have these space-saving table setup, which I felt awkward to try that time because there were still lots of available tables and it feels like it's hard to serve our food upstairs.

Pazzo Rollio, SM Hypermarket Pasig

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  1. even ako i won't dine on that elevated tables, it doesn't look so sturdy :(



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