Furry Love: Spayed

For the past week, meron kaming pasyente 
We needed to clean her wound and apply Dermaclens twice a day, made her drink antibiotic 3x a day, and supplement once a day. We also fed her small frequent meals. 

our big girl

Surprisingly, she learned how to removed her cone so I put clothes on her to prevent her from licking her wound

lambing much

Actually, she is our first dog that undergone this surgery. Giving away our puppies in the past made me sad and what more, some of them passed away, some grew unloved because their new owners only love them when they are cute and small.

According to the vet, it is better to have your furry loves to be spayed earlier so that their uterus is still small and it still at low risk. She was confined for 2 days and so our bill amounted to 5k++  (P5k spay, P650 for blood exam) pesoses! But anyway,  it is good for her health and in that way, we'll not be able to add to the overpopulated and unloved furries.

Thanks to PetWonders Vet Clinic for taking good care of Snowbell :))


  1. we never had any dogs spayed because i'm not gutsy for them to go under the knife :(
    i hope snowbell is recovering fast!

  2. it is very scary nga and the wound looks sensitive T_T, she is doing fine now



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