September Bday Celebrations and our new Kitten

Work days madness again, somehow I have a relaxed weekend.
So last Friday, mike's  movie treat to me, we watched this awesome movie Dredd ^_^ 
Then we both spent our weekend with our families. It was my aunt's bday last Saturday and my bro's bday this wednesday. Happy Birthday!

I ate way too much sweets! 

It's also good to see our naughty dogs and played with them in a while. And the newest addition to our furry friends, my younger bro's adopted kitten which he named Nyu, she's sooo tiny and cute. She follows everyone who enters the room, walking in her tiny steps and when she gets tired, she goes back to her box. She also loves to cuddle. 

last week of September! so fast! 



  1. that 4th photo, are those inverted brazo?

    1. hmm it's like brazo layered square cake :)

  2. your aunt and my daughter have the same birthday! That's so nice extend my greetings to them.

    I am also informing you that I have chosen you to receive the Liebster blog award. Check out the details of this award in my post.

    1. oh happy bday to your daughter!
      wow thank u! i really appreciate it :)



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