Life Lately: Feb eats and happenings

Some eats:

my first time to eat Durian :)
So it tastes like a mushy langka and super bitter. 
I just don't know why it tastes bitter for me but M and the rest of my family said it's not :/

I also tried making it as a shake with lettuce

Tried this Bonuan Bangus Longganisa :)

Avo-sandwich for snack (avocado, boiled egg, lettuce)

Simple and super easy to prepare pack lunch : broccoli and carrots, brown rice, boiled egg
ipa-ibabaw sa sinaing and broccoli at carrots :)

Ramen ramenan sa bahay

Spinach, cucumber, ginger with Extra virgin olive oil and calamansi dressing 

Got this from Garlic Pretzels from Healthy Options, kinda salty...

 The week of Chinese New Year, we bought Green Tea Tikoy from Eng Bee Tin.
Tastes like pandan

And my Feb highlight ..
just a simple lunch with M's mom and lola in our place  
They brought lechon head, hardinera, pancit lucban (I'm craving again), embutido, biko.
On our side we just prepare inihaw bangus and tilapia and sinigang na hipon :))))
Exciting times ahead I'll blog about it in detail sooon :)


  1. i'm curious about the hardinera, is it the same as everlasting in marikina ba?
    btw, if you want ajitama style ramen, try the 7-minute egg (special hard-boiled egg)

  2. after 1 year reply lolz = haven't tried everlasting :/



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