Movie and Eats: Kingsman, Teppanyaki Brothers

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Very entertaining, classic and brilliant spy movie :)))
We super love it but of course it was not perfect. The soundtrack were not very good, poor choices of songs that it made some scenes less cool. Towards the end, there were some annoying scenes that it made the movie look cheap.  I wish they made it wholesome all throughout.
But all of those are forgivable when you think again of how the story started well and how cool Colin Firth was :)))) Must watch!

Teppanyaki Brothers

When we were in Megamall, we dined in Teppanyaki Brothers for lunch.
It is located in the food court and they have an open kitchen.

We tried their Chicken Teriyaki and Pork Teriyaki.
For just Php99 , it comes with a miso soup too :)))) 

Happy Weekend!

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