Eri Curry Megamall

We can't decide where to eat so we strolled in megamall atrium to check out what restos we haven't been to. We haven't noticed before that Eri Curry is in the area, I read some blogs about it before.
 I thought it was in the new fashion hall.

They are playing anime songs on the background. We were guessing the titles while waiting for our orders, we missed one familiar title, we kept trying to remember it til we got home. 

very japanese atmosphere :)

M ordered their Pork Katsu curry (crunchy, tasty and juicy)

and Veggie Curry for me :)
(potato, carrots, beans and onions)

I love curries :) Even the ready sauce that you can buy at the asian aisle grocery stores.
So I am very easy to please when it comes to this particular dish :)

The curry here is good, thick sauce, moderately spicy and my veggies were a bit crunchy.
 It's been a while since we ate a good curry :)

I just thought that Eri Curry rice serving is very few. You can choose in 3 sizes: small, regular and large. The regular size that we ordered looks like half a cu p only.
But still their prices are reasonable. Katsu Curry cost P320, vegetable curry at P180  :)

Keep Calm and Curry On! ;p

Eri Curry 
3/F Megamall Atrium

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