Weekend: Movie break

Saturday night @ Galleria

The Imitation Game

Hello Cumberbatch!!!
Any nerdy role fits him.

Students (esp. Comsci/Math students) should watch this very educational film, based from the true story of Alan Turing who cracked the Enigma ,the machine used by Germans in sending cryptic message during war. Alan Turing built his own machine to decrypt the enigma (Whatta brain!)

This is such a superb film, stunning performance by Cumberbatch, inspirational, educational and wholesome. :)

We passed by Bread story Buy 1 Take 1 of any bread.
I had the blueberry one :)

Sunday, we watched The Interview via Netflix during meals (brekkie and lunch)
 I thought I'll cringe on a lot of scenes just like their previous tandem in "This is the End", but none, this is just a light comedy. Such a hilarious movie. James Franco is really good in comedy :)

We also 'tried' watching NightCrawler by Jake Gyllenhaal. but it was very stressful so we didn't finished it haha. I only want a relaxing Sunday. But still I think it is really a brilliant movie, will try to watch it again if I want a crime- thriller movie.

Have a relaxing weekend too!

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