Tim Ho Wan @ Megamall

Finally tried Tim Ho Wan with friends.
I'm very hesitant to try this during it's opening as I've heard that the queue was very long.
I got curious what's all about the buzz about this place.

Glutinous rice in Lotus leaf 190

Pork Ribs Rice 170

their famous bun,  di ko maxado type, so I just ate the outer bun :/

Baked Bun with BBQ Pork 145

 Pork Dumpling with Shrimp 150

Vermicelli Roll with Shrimp (3pcs) 190

Here's what I suggested to order: Veggies ;p

Poached Veggies 90

and this, no fillings just the roll and sesame sauce

Well to be honest, for me I didn't find anything stellar about the food that is worth the long line
but would like to go back again to try the other items on the menu to know more why this resto is famous. Or maybe it is just me because I only ate the veggies, the sesame roll, the glutinous rice , oily sabaw of the pork ribs and the bun :/

The good thing about this place is the customer check the items in the order slip which saves time for their crew. And we also didn't wait long for our orders to arrive :)

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  1. Really? I haven't tried it yet too. It's the first time I heard of a review from you that it's not that stellar. It really depends on the taste or liking of a person noh? But thank you for sharing it to us



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