Subspace Coffee Shop

We were supposed to have our breakfast in this place that day but we woke up late ;p
This small coffee shop, located in the ground floor building of emerald tower,
is gaining popularity because of their purple potato latte with coffee art that you can request. 
But M forgot to request Totoro so I got this kitty.

Hmmm tasted like a dark chocolate with coffee :)

He ordered green tea which cost only P50 when you order a main dish.

His Italian Sausage plate P200. A breakfast meal in the afternoon. 
The sausage tasted good with the onion, tomato and vinegar dip.

I ordered the Cucumber Kani Sandwich P150, with a sides of crunchy slaw and potato chips.
The crabstick, lettuce, cucumber, mayo and cheese makes a great combo and very filling too.

The place is small with creative wall decors, mismatched tables and chairs, a bit of industrial too.
Nice hangout place, to chill and unwind. Kpop fans will love it here as they play korean songs in the background. :)

Afterwards, we checked out the korean mart "Ha Neul Mart" in the same building :)

Happy Saturday! 

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