Zark's Burger and Go Salad Eastwood

During our last visit in Eastwood, we passed by Zark's Burger and wondering why there were a lot of customers. Curious about this resto, we dine here after doing our grocery from  Robinsons supermarket.


He got excited when he saw the Breakfast Burger on the menu.
 Half-pound patty with bacon and egg.

Mine: Strikeout Burger, Mushroom Cheeseburger in a bed of lettuce and tomatoes.

It's affordable for it's big size and worth stretching your mouth.

But me, I cut mine in half, attacked it with knife and fork and then got full already after finishing a half. The other half was for snowbell hehe.

As for the taste, hmm the patty was not juicy and tasted bland plus the tomatoes didn't taste fresh. 
So what I did, I put a lot of their condiments. It also has a lot of pink that I gave to M.

We were amazed by the price and serving size for just less than P200.
Maybe we can give this another chance. M suggested we should try their flame-grilled next time.

M had a lemonade  drink to washed it down which comes with his burger meal.
While me,  hoping to keep the balance with this green smoothie from Go Salad! near the supermarket.

Before going to Zark, we bought this first, near the supermarket. I chose "The Jeepney" P100 from their menu: Pineapple, mango, malunggay, coco sugar and coconut water. 
 Haven't thought of using coconut water for my smoothies.
Tasted good.
Peace of mind- checked.
Of couse, I also forced M to drink some. :)))

Go Salad! 
Second Floor, Techno Plaza 2, Libis, Quezon City

Zark's Burger
Ground Level, Eastwood Citywalk 

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