Welcome 2016

Our original plan was to celebrate the NYE with his family but M was not feeling well so we stayed first with my family.  We arrived at around 9PM of NYE so I was not able to help my mom in the preparation.

Media Noche - Carbonara, Grilled fish, Lechon Kawali, Suman, Potato fries (Mojos kunwari), Biko, Suman and for desserts: Buko Salad, Leche flan, Graham cake

The next morning, we traveled to Luisiana and poor Snowbell got tummy ache.
We were very worried good thing she was already ok the next day.

Time for Sherlock's New Year special too :))) 

Aside from my Excel planner and online calendars, I still like to write my todos.
I bought my desktop calendar from one of the groups I follow:
it only cost P150 and proceed will goes to LB dog pound.

and then my daily todo list mini notebook from Papemelroti.

Ready for 2016!
Happy New Year :)

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