Tenya at Megamall

Hello February

Sometimes I also get tired of eating my home-cooked meals haha
January was a very busy month for me so I tried cooking in batch "cook once, eat twice".
I'm glad M didn't complain anyway he doesn't have a choice ;p

So for a break, I told M I wanted to eat a good, delicious meal plus it's also our monthsary ;p
And our "san tayo kakain? kahit saan" dilemma brought us to Tenya.

Complimentary tea

 I held with it both hands while drinking and thinking "must buy this kind of ceramic cup at home para feel na feel ang paginom ng tea ;p"

I ordered Yasai Tendon. Assorted vegetable tempura on a bowl of rice plus miso soup for Php255.

M ordered a Teishoku set - Classic Tempura (Php360)

"A Japanese classic set meal. served with Japanese rice, potato salad, miso soup, tempura sauce, radish, ginger and pickles."

As much as I wanted to eat with chopstick to complete the feel, I'm so hungry so spoon and fork please...


hmmm hot miso soup, good quality japanese rice, tempura dipped in the sauce with ginger
yummy, filling dinner

I'm getting older... I'm started to get fascinated with the ceramic bowls O_o

Tenya is located in the 4F of Megamall, give it a try and ask for more tempura sauce :)

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