Eat,Pray,Love event

Special screening of Eat,Pray, Love @ SM MEgamall Cinema 6. (Sponsored by :Century Tuna, Goya and Selecta)
My review of the movie? Pretty boring... Nung andun pa lang sa Italy, we're like, "waahhh antagal meron pa sa India at Bali!!!!" Nung nasa India na, "arggg may Bali pa!" For the story, hmmm I think Liz problem is herself, divorcing while not giving her husband a chance nor telling him why she's feeling hurt... she's just the one making her life complicated for the rest of the story. 

But anyway, thanks for the snacks. Ice cream,

bread, chocolates.
 I just hope they gave it BEFORE the movie so we can eat it while watching and avoiding a very large crowd falling in line in such a small area.

Here's a yummy PandeManila pandesal with century tuna loaf and butter inside. I had my first taste of Century tuna loaf last Saturday only, and I like it!

Goya Chocolates

Selecta Gold 100ml Berry Strawberry ice cream

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